Finally...NBA Ref Scouting Reports | Twelve seasons of data and counting

Since the 2011-12 NBA season, we have visually reviewed every violation called in every NBA game
(over 14,000 games' worth) to create the ultimate dataset to identify each NBA referee’s tendencies!
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Why visual review is essential

There is no substitute for visually reviewing every violation like we do for the following reasons:

Violations called by multiple refs

15-20% of violations are called by two or more refs, which is only detectable through visual review. This makes a big difference in getting serious accuracy.

Illegal screens & travels

We break out which refs call illegal screens, a very important violation not provided in official scoring, as well as traveling violations (not provided either).


Official play-by-play records aren’t always correct.  Visual review of every violation ensures better accuracy.

News & Press

ESPN The Magazine

In the June 9th, 2014 issue of ESPN the Magazine, writer Peter Keating featured our work in his weekly “Numbers” column.

USA Today

A couple of weeks after the 2014 Sloan Conference, USA Today’s Sam Amick wrote an article about new NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s stance on being more transparent about NBA officiating.  Amick also interviewed us for our opinion about this ‘transparency.’

Sloan Conference and ESPN

The 2014 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference selected our research paper as one of the top 16 papers from over 300 submissions. Consequently, ran a feature article on our groundbreaking NBA referee analytics.